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About Us


Since 1991 we operate in the passenger transport sector with a strong specialization on journeys through our territory.

We closely partner with all public and private entities that deal with travel organization, from agencies to tour operators, from small businesses to large companies, ensuring an efficient and reliable service for tours and transfers (for events or trade fairs).

Our in-depth knowledge of Parma and its province, in particular of its accommodation facilities and all places of interest, makes us a first-rate partner for organizing trips in our territory: from the city centre to the castles and historic residences, from the exhibition centre to the thermal spas.

Our large and modern fleet also enables us to offer different solutions for every need and number of passengers, to accompany both large groups with Topclass buses and small groups with Minbus and Vans, and finally individual guests with luxury and solid cars.

For years we have been travelling throughout the length and breadth of Italy and Europe every day, getting to know the strategic places and the best routes to reach destinations in the shortest possible time. We move easily in the ZTL of the cities; we can reach the most important fairs and companies or visit sites of interest without worries.

Our experience in anticipating customer’s needs and delivering superior travel experience, enables you to fully rely on an expert partner to organize your tours, without having to worry about details.

No safe journey can start without a proper inspection and maintenance plan, where every single vehicle of our fleet undergoes scrupulous physical and functional controls of all its components.

Our vehicles are equipped with all the necessary devices and accessories to enable passengers to enjoy their journey in maximum relax and enjoyment. From extendable seats to the personalized and controlled ventilation for an always optimal temperature, from TV-DVD screens to the minibar.


Delivering the best travel experience, while ensuring maximum efficiency, is our mission
Comfort, safety and punctuality are the core values of the Rossi Mora Viaggi brand, making it a guarantee of high-level of service and professionalism in the tourism transport business.

We believe that our mission is not only to bring people to a destination but also to ensure they enjoy their journey, right from the start.

We obsessively seek to improve ourselves, driving innovation to be constantly ahead of new safety and environmental regulations and taking full advantage of our long experience in fulling customers’ needs.
Our quality standards will be at your service for any type of trip you wish to organize, ready to meet any logistic or personal need.


Our journey started in 1991, when Fabrizio Rossi, after working several years first as a taxi driver and then as a bus driver for a local school transport service provider, entered the world of tourism acquiring a small fleet of coaches and founding the company Rossi Viaggi.

Thanks to the experience gained in the passenger transport business and to its name already being considered synonymous of quality and reliability, Fabrizio managed to quickly grow its customer base and scale the business.

To keep the pace with the soaring demand for leisure and tourism transport services, he decided to join forces with the driver of the small company, who was sharing the same values, background, enthusiasm and ambition for building a company leader in the passenger transport business: based on these premises, in1999 the Rossi Mora Viaggi company was founded.
Since then, the company has significantly grown, developing a profound knowledge of the territory and of all its accommodation facilities, as well as of national and international itineraries.

In 2009 the Rossi Mora Viaggi, after becoming a very well-known brand in the leisure transport business of Parma and its province, decided to expand into the local Public Transport sector, acquiring several contracts from TEP and local municipalities.

The same year the company was taken over entirely by the Rossi family, who acquired complete control.
Over the past 10 years, as the business and customer base further expanded, the company has increased its staff, which today is made up of 28 certified professional drivers, with very high-quality bars on level of service and ability to fulfill customer’s needs.