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The Fleet


With a fleet of 35 vehicles, Rossi Mora Viaggi is the ideal business partner for those who needs to organize trips or business transfers.

Over the last few years we have entirely renewed our fleet, making it compliant with the latest European anti-pollution regulations (EURO 6 and CNG vehicles).

Our fleet is made up of:

  • First Class coaches, from 40 to 51 seats
  • Minibus from 13 to 30 seats, equipped with a lifting platform for disabled people and designed to accommodate up to 3 wheelchairs
  • 8-seated Vans
  • Luxury cars

Our first-class coaches and minivans are equipped with devices aimed to provide the highest level of comfort also for long journeys, including:

  • Individual air conditioning;
  • Minibar;
  • Hi-Fi stereo system and microphone;
  • TV with DVD player;
  • Hot drinks dispenser;
  • Reclining and extendable seats;
  • Toilet

You can find here a glimpse of the available vehicles for each service:


Every coach is equipped with the latest safety technologies, such as a digital tachograph, a navigator device, a speed limiter approved by M.C.T.C. and a GPS system.

All our vehicles undergo a rigorous inspection and maintenance plan, which is aligned with the latest safety regulations, staggered over time (on a daily, monthly and annual basis) by our IT system and scrupulously executed by specialized mechanical workshops affiliated with our company.

Our maintenance plan includes:

  • tire inspection;
  • lights and direction indicators controls;
  • engine compartment inspection and battery testing;
  • verification of the electrical system operation, connectors and other components;
  • verification of correct opening and closing of the doors;
  • verification of the presence and operation of all safety devices in the event of fire or other emergencies on the road.

Our check-up plan also includes periodic sanitation and complete cleaning interventions, both internal and external, with the sterilization of all seats as well as of the passenger compartment after each use.

Finally, a number of safety procedures is dedicated to our staff of 28 professional drivers, including:

  • Verification of compliance with EU driving safety regulations
  • Periodic classes to provide updates on the latest road code provisions;
  • First aid courses;
  • Enforcement of driving times and rest periods regulations, which establishes that
  • Daily driving period shall not exceed 9 hours, with an exemption of twice a week when it can be extended to 10 hours. Total weekly driving time may not exceed 56 hours and the total fortnightly driving time may not exceed 90 hours.
    Daily rest period shall be at least 11 hours, with an exception of going down to 9 hours maximum three times a week. Daily rest can be split into 3 hours rest followed by 9 hour rest to make a total of 12 hours daily rest. Weekly rest is 45 continuous hours, which can be reduced every second week to 24 hours.Breaks of at least 45 minutes (separable into 15 minutes followed by 30 minutes) should be taken after 4 hours at the latest.

The compliance with these provisions is subject to continuous monitoring and controls by our top executives.